Dynamic UX Prototyping Using Construct 3

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About Course

Extend your prototyping abilities far beyond the likes of Figma and Adobe XD. With Construct 3, you will be able to build real-world prototypes that realistically simulate your final vision. This course will teach you how to implement actual interactions and animation techniques that simply cannot be done in most prototyping tools. This is guaranteed to make your prototypes far exceed your competitors and increase the stock value of your employability and portfolio.

What Will You Learn?

  • Dynamic UX Prototyping Using Construct 3 will arm you with the skillset needed to create amazing real-world prototypes that most closely represent your vision as a designer. Too many times, the subtle and delightful interactions cannot be represented accurately in other applications such as Figma or Adobe XD. And it is these subtle interactions, personalization, and dynamic content that make C3 prototypes unmatched.

Course Content

01: Why Use and What is Construct?
In this session, we will cover: What is Construct 3? Why is it suited for UX prototyping? Who developed the Construct 3 platform? And discuss the community and support options.

02: Exploring the Construct 3 UI and Environment
In this session we will tour the Construct 3 user interface. We will become familiar with the Properties panel, assets Library, the layers panel, and the top nav menu and controls bar.

03: Laying Out Your Prototype Screens
In session 03, we will learn to create and import graphics. This will allow us to build out user interface, layout our digital screens, and set up a variety of layouts that will represent our flow and experience.

04: Adding Interactivity using Visual Code

05: Applying Simple and Creative Animations
Construct's animation capabilities add unconventional input responses and user selection options. We explore creative uses of the animation feature.

06: Event Sheets in Depth
We will explore the event sheets in more depth and implement a variety of object events and system events.

07: Introduction to Behaviors
Behaviors are the "superpowers" of interaction. We will walk through the most beneficial UX behaviors that make your prototypes come alive.

08: Interactivity Using Variables & Comparisons
Variables allow you to personalize you experience by referring to the user by name. It also allows you to track selection and keep score. Variables add a powerful feature that other rapid UX tools just cannot match.

09: Users Testing & Remote Previews
User testing is a critical step in the Design Thinking process. Construct allows users to preview and test your solution. It is globally accessible by scanning a QR code.

10: Exporting and Preparing Your Final Prototype
Exporting your prototypes in Construct 3 is easy. After your files are generated, place them on any web server for global viewing, testing, or distribution.