Mental Model (Analysis)

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A mental model is a preconceived perception of how something is expected to be, look, act or perform. The goal of the UX designer is to align the user’s mental model (how a user thinks it works) to the implementation model (how it actually works). People encounter frustration and make mistakes when interacting with​ ​a product, service, or experience because their mental model is different or conflicts with the designer’s implementation model. People form individual mental models based on their unique personal experiences and the world around them.


Mental Models, NNG

What Is a Mental Model? NNG

How to Use Mental Models in UX Design

10 Examples of Mental Models in UX Design – Deliverable UX

  • A shopper puts an item in a cart.
  • They keep shopping and adding or removing items, without paying for them yet.
  • Once done they checkout and pay for the items.


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