Rainbow Spreadsheets

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A rainbow sheet consists of a spreadsheet where researchers can document behavioral patterns presented by users and testing (or observation) participants. Every time a participant exhibits a new note-worthy behavior the researcher writes the observation in the left-most column of the rainbow sheet. Towards the right of the observations, each participant is assigned a color and a label. If a participant performs a recorded behavior (or observation), the participant’s cell is filled in with the participant’s assigned color.

The rainbow sheet could be used during or after user testing sessions. If it’s used during the testing sessions, every note-worthy behavior should be added efficiently under the observation column. It requires a significant amount of attention and effort from every observer and researcher. If it’s used after user testing sessions, a quick debrief after each testing session is recommended. It ensures every team member contribute to the Rainbow Sheet, because most importantly, the rainbow sheet is a collaborative tool. 


The Rainbow Spreadsheet: A Collaborative Lean UX Research Tool

The Rainbow Sheet: A Visual Method for Research Analysis

The Rainbow Sheet – A Collaborative Tool to Quickly Generate Insights from User Testing

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