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Who’s a Stakeholder?

A stakeholder is anyone who has interest in your project or with whom you need to work with in some way to complete the project. Your CEO, the marketing director, the account manager, or even your manager could all be stakeholders. Stakeholders can be internal to the organization or external to it. If you’re not sure who your stakeholders are, start by asking yourself who is interested in your project and who has power, influence, or control over it. These questions should lead to a long list of stakeholders.

Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder analysis involves assessing each stakeholder’s potential to impact your project — negatively and positively! Some of your stakeholders will have more impact than others, and different stakeholder-management strategies need to be applied to those influential stakeholders, compared to those that wield little influence.

Stakeholder mapping is used to perform a stakeholder analysis. There are many ways you can map stakeholders; one of the most popular mapping methods is the power­-interest matrix (often referred to as Mendelow’s Matrix as the earliest version is attributed to the researcher Aubrey Mendelow).


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