5Es UX Design Model

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The 5E model is simply a framework for building holistic and meaningful experiences. It is useful to help you align a team, access collective creativity, and distribute leadership. The 5Es is an acronym and checklist to help evaluate and ideate different stages of the customer experience. The 5Es helps you build a customer journey map quickly and easily.

Here are the 5Es:

Entice. What event triggers a user to enter into the UX funnel?

Enter. What are the first few steps in the UX funnel?

Engage. What task(s) is the user trying to accomplish?

Exit. How does the user complete the task?

Extend. What follow-up actions occur after the user completes the task?


Kaospilot 5Es Model

The 5E Experience Design Model

The 5E Experience Design Model LaptrinhX

Source: https://www.kaospilot.dk/5e-model/

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